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Whether you have been subjected to discrimination, sexually harrassed at work, or not been paid wages or overtime, attorney Christopher Trombetta can help. He is a diligent and dediaged advocate for your needs. His goal is to get you the best results possible. To meet that goal, he is exhaustive in his prepartation. When the time comes to seek a settlement of plea agreement, he will not stop short or cut corners. He is prepared to take your case to any level to get results.
  • Age, disability, gender, race discrimination
  • Sexual harrassment
  • Unpaid wages and overtime compensation

As your lawyer, Christopher Trombetta will handle your case personally. At no point will your matter be shifted off to a less experienced associate or paralegal. When you have questions, he will answer them. When you have concerns, he wll address them. He is here for you.

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Attorney Trombetta is ready to represent clients in Mansfield, Foxboro, Sharon, Attleboro, Easton, Wrentham, and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.